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The Daddy Phase: A(Nother) Highlight

The other day, I shared an occasion where my son’s recent preference for me led to a hilarious (to me) exchange with my wife. Here’s another:

We were at a dinner party with some friends whose son is younger than ours. My wife was talking to them, when this happened:

JILL: Leo…can I have a hug?

LEO: NO, Mommy. NO hugs!

JILL (To Friends): As you can see, we’re in a “No Affection” phase right now.

ME: Hey Leo…can *I* have a hug?

(Slight pause)

LEO: Yes Daddy. I’ll hug JUST YOU.

(He runs over and hugs me. Then runs away.)

ME (To Jill): I’m sorry to interrupt. What were you saying?

JILL: Shut up.

ME: That’s what it was.

The most important takeaway from this exchange is not that he actually prefers me to his mother, since it’s more an anomaly than anything else, but rather that, at the ripe young age of three, he has already developed the inner fortitude necessary to know that you NEVER leave a brother hanging.

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